What We Do


Specialty Tours

For paddlers who wish to get something more from the paddle trip than just paddling in lovely environments (and surroundings), a style trips be a choice. It with a culture and Nature as we belong, supply sea kayaking a wider and much deeper content. We utilize people who can inform and give insight into the culture and can inform you about the history of these energetic neighborhoods.


Leisure Paddler

Education as Recreational Paddle includes as much as 4 modules. Each of the modules consists of pertinent strategies that are main to sea kayaking and develop on each other. In addition there is an unique focus in each module.


Leisure Paddle Module 1

The module will give you understanding about sea kayak and appropriate devices to kayak, yourself, and for security at sea. In the module, unique focus is that you will manage your actions.


Trips for the Experienced

The trips happens at sea which can be rather vulnerable to (moderate) weather condition, waves and wind. Needs accreditation as a Sea Kayaker 1 or comparable. Paddling happens in locations that are protected, but has some locations and crossings that can be exposed to the weather condition. It might indicate that in some stretches will be a bit difficult to get to coast. Distance to roadway (and structures) that permits help and help or retreat throughout nations is possible but will spend some time.