We can assist in trips where we guide you with ideas and concepts for a journey or in-depth and particular prepare for the journey. In addition we can use involvement in a trip with a guide.

It is possible to amount to courses in advance of the journey, no matter what kind of journey is selected.

From the inner fjord and to the utmost cutting there are many chances for sea kayaking.

There will be a variety of locations that appropriate for novices. Other locations I would prevent newbies to take themselves out since it will need abilities far beyond what a novice have.

Nevertheless the unique area that it need not be big distance in between these locations. The paddle beyond an area will set totally different requirements for the paddler than to paddle inshore. For a kayaker can contents of a trip mainly figured out on the basis of the area that the journey will be included. The category of the kind of journey is based upon the most hard part journey and perhaps the overseas migration to be paddled.